Statement Of Beliefs

We believe in a Divine higher power, which is beyond human comprehension. 


We believe that entheogens, including psilocybin, ayahuasca, peyote, and cannabis, are not merely substances but sacred sacraments bestowed by the Divine to provide direct spiritual insight, healing, and personal transformation.


We believe that the use of Entheogens has shaped many of the world’s major religions and cultures, and that many Holy books are divinely inspired. 


We believe that ceremonial use of Entheogens within our Church to cultivate a deep, personal, transcendent connection to the Divine serves as a cornerstone to our spiritual practice, honors the uniqueness of each person’s journey, and is a continuation of a well-established, and rich tradition that stretches back a very long time.


We believe that these experiences lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s place in the world and the universe, fostering a greater sense of purpose, meaning, and gratitude.


We believe that our connection to the Divine is not confined to specific physical locations or congregations designated by others, but rather the spaces and locations designated as sacred by each individual according to their personal spiritual needs. House Churches were crucial the early history of Christianity.


We believe that the connection to the Divine is profoundly amplified by tending to the very vessels of transcendence. Each is a testament to our religious faith, and our personal journey toward enlightenment.


We believe in the sacred principles of free will and free association are gifts from God- and a test of our faith. These Divine endowments empower us to make conscious choices that align with our unique paths and spiritual growth.


We believe in the fundamental principle of informed spiritual practice. Each individual embarking on this journey with sacred sacraments is encouraged to seek guidance before and after each ceremony. This facilitates a better understanding, integration, and respect for these profound experiences, recognizing that they are not a panacea, but a tool for personal spiritual growth.



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    Nicholas Broadus says:

    I agree with the statements regarding these substances as mind opening tools that help humans on their path toward self-actualization. Currently I identify as Southern Baptist however that’s mainly for protection. They allow us to test our minds to an extent. Love you

    • Reply
      Priestess Chelsea says:

      Thanks for your feedback Nicholas. We think testing and expanding your mind is an important part of life!

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