Who we are

Message from Priestess Chelsea

Blessed are those who have seen, for they know the end of life and its divine origin - Plato

Welcome to Sovereign Church, where the ancient meets the modern in a dazzling dance of spiritual discovery! As your Priestess, I’m thrilled to guide you through the entheogenic cosmos, exploring the depths of self and spirit.


Forget preachy pulpits; we’re a kaleidoscopic quilt of beliefs and experiences, united in our quest for stigma-free wisdom and soul-stirring enlightenment. Here, kindness isn’t just a virtue; it’s our glue.


Join us in unraveling the mysteries of existence, growing together in a space that celebrates every twist and turn of our spiritual journey.


So, let’s dive heart-first into this adventure, crafting a community where the sacred rhythm of entheogens reveals the cosmic secrets within us all.


Looking forward to every step we’ll take together,


Priestess Chelsea

Our Beliefs

Spiritual Autonomy

respect and Reverence

Mindful Exploration

Knowledge Sharing

Ethical Entheogens

Inclusive Fellowship

Personal Transformation

Spiritual healing

Our Mission

Sovereign Church's mission is to be a force for good, fostering profound spiritual growth & healing by honoring the sacred tradition of entheogenic sacraments. Rooted in a rich & ancient history, our practices are central to our faith, & our sacraments integral to our spiritual understanding.

As a testament to the universal nature of faith in the Divine, we're called to serve seekers of all backgrounds, creating a compassionate, global community that bridges cultures & philosophies for personal spiritual exploration & transformation.

Our Values

Sovereign Church's values are deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of entheogenic traditions, emphasizing respect, education, and spiritual exploration. These values guide the church's mission to reconnect individuals with the divine and with each other, fostering a global community of enlightened and compassionate souls

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