Magic Mushrooms: My Unconventional Ally in Quitting Smoking

It had been a 15-year long tango with tobacco, a relentless partner that refused to let go. I had tried everything – the patches, the gums, the stern promises of ‘this is the last one.’ Nothing stuck. Until I turned to magic mushrooms. Not for a recreational spin, but with a serious intent: to quit smoking.


The journey began on New Year’s Day, a symbolically potent time for transformation. I started with a heartfelt goodbye to my last cigarette, a moment that felt like parting with an old, toxic friend. This wasn’t just a physical act; it was a deeply symbolic gesture, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter.


When I was done, I began preparing my space – a ritual cleansing to set the right tone. There’s a special kind of clarity that comes from tidying up your physical environment. It’s like preparing a temple: every swept floor and cleared surface made my home more conducive to the spiritual work ahead.


Next, I devoted myself to crafting a mala necklace, a tangible manifestation of my intentions. Selecting beads made of natural crystals, each resonating with my goal of liberation from addiction, I wove my aspirations into this sacred ornament. This creation was not just an artistic endeavor but a powerful meditation, reinforcing my resolve.



As dusk cloaked the sky, mirroring the cup of starry elixir in my hands, I acknowledged the potential challenges ahead. Mushroom tea, my chosen sacrament, was a gentle yet potent ally in this quest. Prepared with ginger and lemon to soothe my sensitive stomach, it represented a bridge to deeper realms of consciousness.


Drinking the tea, I set my intentions. This wasn’t a casual trip; it was a mission. I knew the path wouldn’t be easy, but I was ready to face whatever came my way. As the sacrament began to take hold, I retreated to my room, a sanctuary where I could dive deep into my psyche.


Alone in my room, with a blindfold and soft music playing, I used my mala necklace to meditate on my desire to quit smoking. As the sacrament spread through me, my sense of anticipation grew. The familiar buzz of the mushrooms began to take hold, ushering me into a realm where time and space seemed to bend. Slowly the world outside faded away, leaving only my inner landscape.


In this introspective state, vivid images and emotions swirled. Memories of my first cigarette, the times I reached for one during stress, and the countless promises to quit flickered like an old film. It was as if the mushrooms were sifting through the archives of my mind, bringing forth every moment that had chained me to this habit.


“This wasn’t a typical psychedelic joyride filled with euphoric visuals and blissful detachment.”


But, as is often the case with mushrooms, the journey took its own course. Nausea hit – a reminder of the physicality of this spiritual journey. I found myself in the bathroom, a surprisingly grounding place where I faced my addiction head-on. Thank gods I had remembered to scrub the toilet!


The physical sensation of nausea, though uncomfortable, acted as a catalyst, pushing me further into the depths of my psyche. It was during these moments, in the embrace of discomfort, that profound insights surfaced. I saw my addiction not just as a physical craving, but as a symbol of deeper needs and unresolved conflicts. It was a revelation, seeing how my dependency on cigarettes was intertwined with emotional anchors from my past.


It was there, on the cold bathroom floor, that a revelation hit me. Amidst the discomfort, I realized I truly didn’t want to smoke anymore. Like a mantra, this thought looped in my mind, becoming a powerful force cutting through years of excuses and justifications. Each repetition felt like a step away from my old self, a shedding of layers that no longer served me. I was not just repeating words; I was rewriting my story.


This wasn’t a typical psychedelic joyride filled with euphoric visuals and blissful detachment. It was a journey through the darker, more challenging corridors of my mind. It was a confrontation with the ghosts of my past, a battle fought not with swords but with the strength of my own resolve.


As the hours passed and the effects of the mushrooms began to wane, I found myself physically drained but spiritually invigorated. Emerging from this journey, the landscape of my life has undergone a remarkable transformation. Since that pivotal ceremony, I haven’t reached for a single cigarette. It’s an achievement that feels less like a battle and more like a natural evolution of my desires.


I won’t claim that the urge has completely vanished. There have been moments, fleeting and sparse, where the old craving surfaces. Yet, these cravings are different, almost like echoes from a past life. They lack the intensity and the grip they once had over me. In the past, a stressful day would have me wrestling with the impulse to stop at a gas station for a quick fix. Now, that impulse is just a whisper, easy to acknowledge and easier still to dismiss.


It’s as if the mushrooms did more than just guide me through a spiritual journey; they rewired the very neural pathways associated with my addiction. The need for cigarettes as a crutch for comfort or stress relief seems to have been untangled from my psyche. This isn’t to say the journey has been entirely effortless post-ceremony, but the struggle has certainly lost its sharp edges.


Your Own Journey

Now, here’s the thing: my experience isn’t a template. It’s a testament to the power of intention and the transformative potential of mushrooms. If you’re considering a similar path, remember, it’s deeply personal. Your ceremony, your rituals, your intentions – make them yours. Craft it with care, respect, and a willingness to confront the deeper layers of yourself.


Magic mushrooms, in my experience, don’t just take you on a trip; they can guide you on a journey of profound personal transformation. They have the power to show us not just what we want to see, but what we need to see. In my case, they helped me turn the page on a chapter I thought I’d never close.


So, to those looking to turn a new leaf, maybe it’s time to explore an ancient path. Who knows, you might find your own story of transformation waiting to unfold.


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