Just A Rat In A Maze?

Imagine rats in a maze. Funny little whiskered scientists. You can teach them to turn left, right, or maybe every second or third time. But prime numbers? That’s where they draw the line. It’s like trying to teach a fish to fetch. Possible, but…unlikely.


For rats, prime numbers are like trying to read ancient hieroglyphics blindfolded. Sure, there could be a super simple way out of that maze with just one prime-number twist. But for our whiskered buddies, that concept is like us trying to lick our elbows – just out of reach.


Now, swap whiskers for our human quirks. We too get stuck in life’s mazes. Patterns we can’t decode, paths we can’t decipher. We all wish for that “Ah-ha!” moment when it all makes sense. The kind where grandma’s advice doesn’t sound like gibberish but solid gold. But how often do we actually spot the shortcuts? Or do we, like our rat friends, need to scuttle around, hoping we’ll stumble upon the exit?


Enter the magic mushroom – what we lovingly call life’s cheat code. Think of it as that older cousin who’s finished the video game and gives you all the pro-tips.


Instead of jingling a collection plate and filling your ears with our version of “the truth,” we thought, “Why not give you the joystick?” Let’s arm you with tools so you can navigate your maze, your way. We’re just here to cheer you on and share in your “Ah-ha!” moments.


So, with every kind gesture you make, instead of a handshake or a nod, we gift you a key (in the form of a spore syringe). Dive deep, unlock doors, and when you come out on the other side, share your map. After all, it’s way more fun when everyone finds their way out of the maze. Happy exploring! 


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