Why Join Soverign Church?

“Sovereign”, inspired by the Latin root “supra” meaning “above,” symbolizes humanity’s spiritual elevation, transcending the lower levels of consciousness with the divine assistance of God.


The lockdowns and closures of traditional places of worship during the COVID-19 pandemic brought us an unprecedented spiritual crisis. More than ever individuals needed for a personal pathway to the divine that did not hinge on group gatherings or ceremonies.


This period saw a resurgence in the exploration of entheogens as tools for personal spiritual growth, serving as a testament to the resilient spirit of humanity and its ceaseless quest for divine connection. It underscored the necessity for alternative forms of spiritual practice that can be pursued in the privacy and sanctity of one’s own space, affirming that our connection to the divine is not solely defined by specific physical locations or congregational rituals, but by the personal journey of the soul.


Members of this sacred community are started on a path of enlightenment, where they can overcome the limitations of their earthly existence and embrace a higher plane of spiritual awareness.


As individuals progress along this path, they become more aware of the profound truths that lie beyond the ordinary human experience, discovering a wealth of knowledge that leads to a deeper, and ultimate understanding of themselves and the universe.


In this sacred space, we foster a nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and spiritual development. Here, individuals are empowered to rise above the constraints of their everyday lives, aided by divine grace, and pursue a greater comprehension of the mysteries of existence.


United by our common pursuit of spiritual elevation, members of Sovereign Church support one another in their quest for enlightenment, paving the way for a more profound and fulfilling relationship with the divine.

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